Breeding principles

Breeding proficiency

The line of conduct of Ecurie des Monceaux is to produce healthy and tough horses : race horses.

As long as the weather conditions allow it, foals spend the most time possible outside, in pastures 5 to 10 ha large, that are specifically dedicated to them. During winter time, they are brought in the stalls at night.  A regular follow-up care for foot and limbs by the blacksmith allows respecting the balance and the mechanical constitution of each foal.

Tailor-made feeding

Based on grass and soil analysis, the nutritionist Thierry DUTERTRE has developed a customized food. The precise requirement specifications are provided to DYNAVENA for its production.
To coordinate the nutritive supply of the highest quality and pastures with excellent agronomical characteristics, such is the food stake of Ecurie des Monceaux. In these conditions, nothing is left to chance in order to guarantee well-being, harmonious growth and precociousness.